Techcloudpro: Accelerating Business Performance With Successful Netsuite Implementation

CIO Vendor India is peppered with a wide range of SMBs that act as vital economic drivers. These organizations need tools to continue to flourish in the face of globalization and cutthroat competition. This increased competition and globalization have become the key drivers for SMEs to deploy ERP on cloud. This is primarily to minimise infrastructure cost, streamline workforce, backup data and simultaneously have the scale required to compete globally, thus making cloud-based ERP systems a realistic proposition for SMBs in the current market. Yet, integrating a new ERP strategy may require the redesign of certain business processes, as each business within a specific industry type might necessitate customization and seamless integration with other existing functions. Sometimes, there are multiple processes that need to be configured/rebuilt/reconfigured/rearchitected, which with one wrong move could prove to be disastrous. Organizations need partners that are techno-functional, possess the ability to deploy the right solution that provides simplicity and supports profitable business outcomes of having a healthy bottomline & a profitable topline and provide round-the-clock monitoring and post-implementation support.

Perfectly poised in this sector is Techcloudpro, headquartered in Arizona with offices in Canada and India, a certified NetSuite Solution Provider possessing a collective experience of 80 years. They have vast experience in selling NetSuite licenses and offer consulting for NetSuite cloud solutions, ERP Implementation, and Support. The team at Techcloudpro suggests solutions that ensure technological innovation is in parallel with the business outcomes needed. The team also suggests the right modules, identifies essential third party integration and designs an architecture that is as streamlined as possible. “Our main differentiator is our people who are subject matter experts. This allows us to offer 40 hrs of free consultation, detailed discovery sessions, the right solutions for the some of the major pain areas that our clients have – be it ones that are specific to the industry or ones specific to the organization,” says Jithesh Manoharan, CEO of Techcloudpro. Jithesh has also recently become a member of the newly established Oracle NetSuite JAPAC Partner Council.

Ensuring Better Business Growth
He goes on to tell us, “We are a group of three companies – Vibing World Inc., the parent company in the US, Vibing Ticket Inc., Canada and Vibing Tech Cloud Solutions Pvt. Ltd in India. Our NetSuite business vertical is called Techcloudpro”. A reliable Oracle NetSuite solutions partner, Techcloudpro offers NetSuite Implementation, NetSuite – Support Services, Third Party Integration, Business Consulting and Training services that enables business users to efficiently work on the system, post deployment. Clients are supported by a team of solution architects specifically trained to manage NetSuite related service requests. Additionally, the company extends training services to help with skills
upgrade for the internal IT team, in addition to 24x7 support for monitoring and troubleshooting.

Understanding that most organizations are in dire need of a consultative approach to better understand whether the product is suitable for the organization’s needs and gain a better understanding of the capacity of the users, Techcloudpro comes to the fore with its in-depth knowhow of NetSuite and works with companies as their ERP/CRM Consultant to help choose the right solutions for their business. “India is also a very price sensitive market. So for smaller SMEs who are surviving on Tally and QuickBooks, the shift to Netsuite requires a mindset change, which is going to take time. For many, it’s also a shift from a onetime investment to a subscription based model. One has to be patient and take a more consulting approach rather than being transactional,” explains Rajesh Manoharan, MD at Vibing Techcloud Solutions.

Moreover, in most cases, the level of customization necessary for certain businesses can be fairly complex, as there is no cookie-cutter approach to implementation. A successful implementation would require the availability of the right resources with the correct skills to match client requirements. “Even being able to identify what needs to be fixed requires skill. I can safely say that this is our core strength,” adds Jithesh.

Our main differentiator is our people who are subject matter experts

Bridging Market Gaps
Ajay Dhar, the Chief Product Officer at Techcloudpro, walks us through the company’s recent product innovations and implementation tools that help cover three main gaps which currently exist in the market. The company uses a comprehensive Business Requirement Discovery Tool available online for customers to capture their requirements in as much detail as possible. The detailed discovery session and cost assessment is highly structured, sharp and clutter-free, thus maintaining a short period of implementation. “Our second innovation is around business connectors which are specific to the retail segment. SuiteSpots, our proprietary connectors, allow our clients to connect Netsuite with any open source e-Commerce/webfront solution that they may be using. The difference between this and what’s available in the market is the way it manages to ease the pain around Return Merchandize Authorization, Refunds and Reselling. It also comes with a unique Box ID feature which is currently not available with any other connector in this category,” reveals Ajay. An addition to the connectors is the Dynamic Dashboard that provides a holistic view of the customer’s entire history, enables data updation, and eliminates the need to refer to multiple data sources and systems.

Gaining a strong foothold in this sector and gearing-up for the future, Techcloudpro, a team of over 50+ experts presently, envisions expanding its team by the end of the year while keeping a close eye on the current Indian market.