Techfruits Solutions: Integrated Approach to Handle the Future Workloads

CIO Vendor Riding the wave of digitization, enterprises today are quickly adopting Oracle solutions that offer a complete portfolio of services which include Oracle hardware, software and database. Since Oracle delivers integrated cloud solutions enabling the faster business transformation, selection of suitable set of tools from the Oracle Cloud remains critical for businesses. Moreover, a true digital transformation is never achieved through the sole implementation of discrete hardware or software solutions; but it requires a blend of both hardware cross platform components and software products for which proper analysis of the unique business requirements is a prerequisite. So, businesses are in search of a reliable partner who can help them build world class IT solutions and drive digital transformation to bring-in efficiency into the system.

Improving Business Efficiency by Delivering End-to-end Solutions
Clearly understanding the scenario Techfruits Solutions, a Chennai based company comes into the picture with a comprehensive suite of Oracle solutions to help businesses achieve true digital transformation by analyzing their business requirements and workflows. “Being a system integrator, we design technologically advanced and integrated IT solutions that fit the unique business requirements of enterprises. We engage with our clients to clearly understand their business workflows then design solutions with capacity to handle workloads for the next 3-5 years. We install supporting hard ware with Oracle cross platform components thereby providing integrated solutions for the customer. We also provide API solutions, and other enterprise software solutions powered by emerging technologies like ML, Deep Learning, Virtual Reality, and
Augmented Reality,” informs Lenin Christopher, Director, Techfruits Solutions. The experienced technical specialists of Techfruits understand the diverse product range of Oracle and clients’ business workflows to help them choose the right set of Oracle's product to improve their business efficiency and increase ROI.

Being a system integrator, we design technologically advanced and integrated IT solutions that fit the unique business requirements of enterprises

Cost-effective Solutions Using Unique Methodologies
Oracle’s Integrated Cloud IaaS offers highly scalable solutions and enhances the productivity by improving business agility. Techfruits Solutions designs and implements costeffective solutions within the budget limits of the clients by leveraging the integrated Cloud offerings of Oracle. The company also provides solutions for the database development, enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management and supply chain management, adhering to the regulatory and security compliances. The company has successfully implemented complete billing system solutions for the Kal Cables (a division of Sun Network) helping them to manage the day to day billing activities effectively. “We deliver complete solutions by integrating both hardware and software services of Oracle to help enterprises address their most critical business challenges. Our solutions are integrated, implemented and supported by highly qualified and certified experts, using industry proven methods to enable clients to prepare for the future. Currently, we are working on the data centre operations and billing system solutions. We are planning to tap into the Government sector with focus on delivering cost-effective solutions to add value to the client’s business,” concludes Lenin Christopher.