KTCS: Meeting Complex IT Requirements at Economical Costs

CIO Vendor An IT project can prove to be a cataclysmic failure when IT systems are expected to support drastic changes in the business processes and yet they fail to deliver any beneficial change. With shorter business cycles becoming the norm, projects will be unable to demonstrate its full potential until this crisis is eliminated. With a typical IT application footprint comprising an amalgamation of multiple applications, enterprises are on the lookout for solution providers that facilitate seamless and SOA based integration among its cloud apps and on premise applications depending on the needs of the business. Enterprise clients expect the service provider to retain benefits from existing investment in applications, help in technology selection for business use, improve decision making and provide assistance throughout the project lifecycle. Headquartered in Pune, KTCS addresses these complex implementation, enhancement and system integration challengesthrough its proven methodologies for implementation, development and benefits realization.

The company helps achieve the business objectives at an economical cost owing to the exceptionally skilled teams and by leveraging the capabilities of its supply network to bring in expertise highly relevant to clients. It has successfully helped clients in ensuring smooth adaptations to systems resulting out of acquisitions and mergers. Smoothness of system adaptations is quite critical from the point of view of post-acquisition merging of business processes.

Effortlessly handling multi-vendor, multi-applications environments, their team of expert Oracle Technology professionals facilitate clients with its novel and end-to-end BDP (Benefits Delivery Plus) offering that has delivered measurable business benefits.
This methodology establishes explicit links between supply chain objectives and actions, establishes sound mechanism to identify and involve stakeholders in benefit realization process, improves business utility of IT applications, improves application usage by business, identifies valid and current “change” needs and provides a way of running operations with continuous focus on incremental improvements.
Always ensuring customer satisfaction and having catered to a gamut of renowned clientele, KTCS specializes in helping clients derive maximum value out of supply chain applications. An engineering major in India reduced its number of days of inventory by over 21 percent by implementing the BDP approach. “In one case we improved customer’s request date based ontime delivery performance by 28 percent and this was achieved along with a significant increase in turnover, so we helped client to do more business with improved operational effeciency” adds Deepak Kudale, Director at KTCS.

KTCS team of expert Oracle Technology professionals facilitates clients with its novel and end-to-end BDP (Benefits Delivery Plus) offering that has delivered measurable business benefits

Continually striving for perfection since 2008, KTCS extends its services across a plethora of industry verticals and geographies with their professional team of multiskilled consultants. Oracle Supply Cain Management, Oracle Value Chain Planning, Oracle Financials, Oracle HR, and Oracle Agile PLM belong to the company’s extensive portfolio of product capabilities. Aiming to continue its course along the positive growth trajectory by building new capabilities relevant to the customer’s needs, the team is currently working on supply chain visibility solutions and add-on kits to increase execution feasibility of the supply chain plans.