Finsys Infotech Limited: Robust Oracle Based ERP Software for Manufacturing SMEs

CIO Vendor Manufacturing has emerged as one of the high growth areas in India today and is rapidly transforming to align with the ongoing technological advancements. In a bid to achieve more progress and reach manufacturing excellence, the industry is increasingly improving and atomizing its backend operations with technology acting as a backbone for its internal and external processes. However, even with several technological innovations disrupting the industry, this segment is still being marred by challenges when it comes to regulating everyday office operations in real-time such as inventory management, manual data management, and cost management along with inaccuracies in scheduling, quality and traceability issues and inaccurate reporting leading to shrinking profits.

ERP designed for manufacturing can perfectly address these challenges as it offers an integrated solution to resolve everyday operational issues, and enhance efficiency, thereby enabling manufacturers to make more accurate and informed decisions. Keeping these benefits in mind, NCRDelhi headquartered Finsys Infotech Limited steps forward to bring them to the Indian Manufacturing segment with its business-specific ERP softwares.
Since its inception in 1992, Finsys Infotech has been focused on providing enterprise software solutions with rich built-in functionalities for MSMEs across the country. As an Oracle Gold partner that operates in over 600 locations across the country and in various parts of Asia, Africa, USA and Europe, Finsys Infotech leverages its Oracle expertise to bring business specific ERP software to support organizations and their management across different verticals, in streamlining their businesses processes and building a more systematic and organized environment. “As a gold partner to Oracle, we develop our solutions on the foundation of Oracle’s expertise and its ability to touch the day-today operations of manufacturing companies across various industry segments. This depth and breadth of service is rarely available in the ERP software domain in the price range offered by Finsys,” explains M L Gupta, Founder, Finsys Infotech Limited.

The company now assists manufacturing operations across 17 industry segments including Auto components of Steel, Plastic, Rubber and Aluminium. It is serving Forging, Casting, Machining, and Assembly operations. Finsys also has specialized solutions for Corrugation Packaging, Duplex Packaging, Flexible Packaging, Laminates, Pharma, Foods, Medical Disposables, and manufacturers of Electronics, etc.

Finsys has seamlessly used the Oracle powers to harness the OEE, PPM, Rejections analysis, Supplier Performance Reports, Down Time Reports, Reason wise Wastage Analysis, Item wise profitability, and customer wise profitability. Recognizing that the cost and quality sensitive manufacturing industry requires comprehensive planning before the initiation of production activities, Finsys Infotech’s ERP encompasses an elaborate Production and Planning Module that provides extensive insight into Production activities along with accounting and automated MIS Reporting functionalities. Finsys also caters to manufacturing for the complex areas of machinery manufacturing, equipment, and testing instruments manufacturing. Furthermore, the company also provides CRM and HR software with features for Lead Management, Dissipation of Information to customers, Complaint Management, and a complete bouquet of HR services.

CIOReview has identified Finsys ERP team as one of the 20 Most Promising Oracle Solution Providers in India

Having operated in the industry for almost 26 years now, Finsys has grown to be a trusted service provider in this domain through its various engagements. The company now intends to increase its corporate clientele within and outside India as well as expand further into Asia and Africa, in the upcoming future. CIOReview has identified Finsys ERP team as one of the 20 Most Promising Oracle Solution Providers in India. Recently, Indian economy was described by Ranil Salgado, the IMF’s mission chief for India, as an “elephant” that has “started to run,” with growth forecast at 7.3 percent in the fiscal year. And so, the world is watching Indian Manufacturers. And we are watching Finsys.