EDCS: Maximizing ROI for SMEs with Consulting on Oracle Database

T here is no denying the fact that a well managed database is central to the overall good performance of every business. Managing database inhouse is complex and does increase the work pressure on the existing IT team, which adds to the business challenges and results in inefficient work output. The scenario becomes way more complicated for Small and Mid Segment businesses. SMEs seldom approach big companies for the solution as they face a major financial constraint. However, economic constraint is not the only challenge they face; the other challenge which the SMEs face is in roping in the right IT partner to correctly understand the business requirements and address all their IT needs.

With its specialization in database consulting, EDCS provides Oracle Technologies and other IT consultation service to SMEs, solving their problem and maximizing the return on their IT investment

Perfectly understanding these major constraints of SMEs for their database issues and other IT needs, Expora Database Consulting Service, with its specialization in database consulting, provides Oracle Technologies and other IT consultation service to SMEs, solving their problem and maximizing the return on their IT investment.

Maximizing ROI for SMEs with Consulting on Enterprise applications (SAP/Oracle)
To derive the best IT result, it is imperative to get the right consultation for your IT investments. Taking cognizance of the common scenario where the lack of coordination between business heads and technical team results in adoption of incorrect IT solution in enterprise application or causes implementation gap, EDCS with its domain experts is bridging this gap. The company has adept IT teams of domain experts who understand the importance of right value generation for business. With their proficiency in IT and business language they can easily understand the client’s requirements and can validate the technical solution put forth or suggest better alternative that could bring better results for the client.
Expora Database Consulting Services has pool of SAP technology experts combined with strong business domain experience which has helped many clients to optimize the investments on SAP and thus helped to reduce total cost of ownerships. EDCS has a unique delivery model which has helped to increase the performance of the SAP application in a minimal or risk free and co-managed Service delivery model.
Pre-emptive Measures to avoid Da- tabase Issues, Application Issues and Integration Challenges
EDCS takes care of the end-to-end IT needs of its clients proactively. It takes notice of things and suggests pre-emptive measures, helping companies avoid database and application and other IT issues that might result in costly and embarrassing situation impacting overall productivity of the company. EDCS helps its clients scale their database and application with minimum maintenance cost. The company ascertains the product capabilities by looking at the requirements it meets and the business process it is deployed for. And later, if found feasible, the product capabilities are enhanced with little customization to meet the further requirements of the client’s business. Companies, after every six months or one year face the challenge of changing the whole work process to accommodate new changes, which incurs additional implementation and training cost. EDCS makes sure of implementing a flexible system that should be capable of accommodating all the new changes without the need of system reinstallation or re-implementation.

Future Business Plans
For its upcoming venture, EDCS is all set to focus more on the cutting-edge technologies like IoT, Blockchain, Cloud, IT Security, and Analytics. It also plans to launch a Compressive Hiring Solution which is cloud-based application powered by Artificial Intelligence in first quarter of 2019, which it believes is going to be game changer in recruitment space. EDCS has successfully expanded to South East Asian market and is expected to grow aggressively in overseas market in coming years.