Excel4apps: Aligning Organizations with Excel-based ERP Reporting for Oracle

CIO Vendor ERP software today is equipping enterprises with a myriad of benefits through automating and integrating entire processes across the organization. By employing an ERP system, enterprises are not only able to streamline their core business operations but are also acquiring more efficient systems to support strategic decision making. However, despite their ability to digitize workflows and drastically improve business processes, ERP Solutions often fall short in meeting the high availability of enterprise reporting required by today’s competitive business environments. Perfectly understanding the frustrations of building reporting tools for ERP Systems, Sydney headquartered Excel4apps steps forward to address them with Excel-based reporting and budgetloading software for Oracle, SAP, PeopleSoft and Financial Force.

Delivering a Measurable ROI on Oracle Investments
Established in 2005, Excel4apps focused solely on the Oracle industry before branching into other ERPs in 2008. As such, the suite of products available for the Oracle ERP is vast. These products have been designed specifically to be implemented with the Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) and are equipped with the ability to empower business professionals with independent and secure access to real-time Oracle ERP data to support accurate and timely decisions. With its global offices located across the regions of North America, United Kingdom, Australia, Asia, Africa and the Middle East, Excel4apps currently serves over 40,000 Oracle, SAP, PeopleSoft and FinancialForce users worldwide.

The company’s expansive portfolio of offerings for Oracle includes GL Wand for general ledger data, Reports Wand for any other module in EBS, Journal Wand for uploading journals into EBS, Budget Wand for uploading budgets into Oracle and Reports Distribution Manager for easy report distribution to predefined lists or groups. This means users can interact with their Oracle ERP data directly from Microsoft Excel without ever having to leave Excel. “At Excel4apps, our solutions have been designed specifically for Oracle EBS, allowing for seamless integration between Oracle and Microsoft Excel as the front end. This leverages the existing investment that companies have made in Oracle and Microsoft thereby saving reporting time and effort for financial professionals and delivers better value to our users.
At Excel4apps, our solutions have been designed specifically for each ERP allowing for seamless integration between the ERP and Microsoft Excel as the front end. We leverage our framework for deployment of cross-ERP functionality allowing us to innovate quickly and deliver better value to our users,” explains Michael Bonito, Senior Oracle Territory Manager – the Middle East and India, Excel4apps.

At Excel4apps, our solutions have been designed specifically for Oracle EBS, allowing for seamless integration between Oracle and Microsoft Excel as the front end

The suite of Wands can be used for all financial, operational and planning reporting within a business. This makes for quick and easy transactional reporting and analysis, ad-hoc reporting, FAH reporting, cost allocation, planning, budgeting & forecasting, and slice-and-dice analysis. Using the product suite, one can expect highly efficient and secure financial reporting with shorter month ends, and analysis at your fingertips with drill-down capabilities right through to your transaction level of detail if required. By leveraging the power of Excel with Pivot tables, Power Pivot, Power BI and Power Query, your dashboard and data visualization abilities are endless. Representing reams of data in a meaningful manner becomes quick and easy, providing a platform for better business decisions.

Future Engagements
Having operated in this industry for over a decade, Excel4apps has carved a niche for itself in this domain. The company, having just released its Excel4apps Version 6 offering for complete Oracle Reporting, Uploading and Distribution, intends to continue enhancing this product as well as develop new solutions for different ERPs, in the upcoming future.