ConsultIT Technologies: Providing New Age Future Ready Solutions on Oracle Technology

CIO Vendor Oracle customers today face major challenges in incorporating new age solutions like Beacons, Context Awareness, IoT, RPA, Machine Learning and Deep Learning into their on-premise Oracle implementation. Organizations have implemented Oracle Technology solutions like EBS, CRM, BI on premise. However, with today's user preferring zero key strokes and gesture driven applications, they have hit a dead end on how to be "future ready". High cost and implementation complexities of existing implementations are deterrents as there is a mismatch of expectations with reality. Shreevidya Ravi, Director, ConsultIT Technologies, says, “At ConsultIT, we believe the real value of your Oracle Technology investments can be compounded by adopting new digital solutions on your premises with minimal disruption and maximum impact to the business user. We know Oracle Applications well and we understand your business. We also have expertise in IoT, AI and RPA, thus bringing you a potent one stop shop”.

Businesses want seamless technology implementation with full accountability and reliability. “At ConsultIT, we believe in automation using mixed bag approach of digital solutions; forget manual keying in sales order or invoices use RPA, forget mobile applications. We introduce new concepts to ease perceived pain points in implementing complex Oracle solutions by way of plug-ins. For example, we now have a proximity based contextual reporting Mobile offering; just go near a warehouse or your cabin and get Oracle EBS reports in your email on your mobile tab; no button click or mouse navigation; your very presence and contextual surrounding drives actions, a must for CXOs,” says Shreevidya referring to the companies “SmartReporting Hub” product.

The company has a decadelong history of domain expertise in multiple business verticals: Manufacturing, Process and Discreet, Financial Services, Insurance, Healthcare, and Logistics. It has become one stop solution for Oracle Solution implementation.

Value-based Ser

Today Oracle customer organizations have a challenge in identifying the right vendor partner; some only cater to large business while smaller ones are staffing focused. ConsultIT provides a much needed alternative. It provides value for money and supports both OPEX and CAPEX models, on-premise or on-cloud so that its customers can choose what they feel comfortable with.

The company has deployed its Oracle Apex Solutions across many verticals: Insurance, Healthcare, Media, and others. Oracle Apex solution is a Rapid Development tool that, as compared to Java or .NET development, minimizes development time to a few weeks. For Oracle customers, it facilitates web-enabling existing or new application in a matter of days at no additional costs with minimal TCO. The product is device agnostic with highly intuitive design, integrated with HTML5 standards using jQuery and CSS. As already tested in numerous deployments, the product can handle the load requirements of throughput and response. For its maintenance and support, basic PL/ SQL skill is all that is required. Further, the company gets the competitive advantage over others on account of its immense domain knowledge; it can roll-out Oracle Apex, Oracle ADF, and Oracle OAF in less time than the market average.

Future Road Map
With its highly skilled team, the company is looking forward to work in the area of intelligent automation. Shreevidya shares, “Our FutureInDigitalTM is ready to deploy UIPath based robotic solutions for Invoice Processing and Sales Order Processing in Oracle EBS”. Also, to avoid complication of post patch application, the company is all set to introduce “HotPatch”: a SaaS offering for testing patch application so that you are updated with latest patches without the nightmare of regression testing manually. As a SaaS offering, it is zero CAPEX and can be on-demand.