Focus R Technologies - ERP Expertise Coupled with Real World Business Process Understanding

CIO Vendor According to Global Industry Analysis and Forecast 2015-2021, the ERP market is expected to grow beyond $49 billion dollars by the year 2020. The driving factors for this boom are need for intelligibility in business processes, requirement of operational efficiency in industry development, and a growing demand of ERP in medium and small organizations. Oracle is a global player in the ERP applications segment. There is high demand for Oracle solutions as it provides engineered solution, both hardware and software without the need for multiple devices or platforms.

FocusR Consultancy and Technology Private Limited, headquartered in Chennai is a gold partner with Oracle in implementing Oracle’s E-Business suite. FocusR is a young and dynamic ERP consulting company providingworld class ERP technology solutions and consultation. FocusR helps clients face the growing market challenge through business workflow process consulting, operational efficiency, and the co-creation of breakthrough solutions. FocusR has ventured into the market to provide complete assistance to clients in handling the automation.

With a pool of talented professionals in ERP consulting, product development, and process automation, FocusR unravels client problems in line with the frame work of Oracle solutions with complete automation and zero cost. FocusR solutions are situated uniquely among other providers of Oracle ERP solution by providing customized ERP services.
In understanding the uniqueness of each business, the company leverages solutions with features that are aptly needed to meet the business demand while retaining the basic structure of the solution.

FocusR unravels client problems in line with the frame work of Oracle solutions with complete automation and zero cost

FocusR provides services that are deployed to provide excellent ERP solutions to facilitate the clients to meet the end to end business requirement. FocusR provides first-rate maintenance and support service, and testing services for oracle applications. FocusR, Application Maintenance and Support service follows the FocusR support and maintenance model under OUM. It offers all type of support like T&M, on-site, off shore, Hybrid and SLA based. FocusR uses Oracle Application Testing Suite (OATS) to manage everything from automated functional testing to multi-region performance testing for organizations with thousands of users spread across the world. FocusR’s business process re-engineering identifies the possible process and provides extensive feasibility testing to make sure that the changed process is more agile and robust.

FocusR, with an adept team has embarked on a mission to become the only company in India who would be strong in Cloud, and all ERP products. The company envisions making presence in over 15 countries in providing end to end ERP consulting and services. The outstanding feature of FocusR is the knowledge of ERP coupled with the real world understanding of business processes for proactive implementation of ERP in demanding business applications.