SiE Brains: Ensuring Right Talent Acquisition and Retention

CIOReview Team | Tuesday, 08 November 2016, 09:25 IST

The human capital management market was worth around $11 billion in 2014 and is expected to grow to more than $17 billion by 2019. The fusion of technology, organizations and HR is gathering momentum. Globalization and demographic shifts are redefining the concept of workplace where the emphasis is towards employees who are more connected and tech savvy in order to deliver uninterrupted services. The HR solutions industry has transformed from being only a manpower consultancy industry to an end-to-end “Hire to retire” solutions industry. The key change in service has been on meeting HR requirements on account of the growing complexity of business models. More and more clients are opting for a temporary staffing model to have smaller bench strength that helps them to build agility of workforce, thereby leveraging on skills and cost. The industry is also witnessing an increase in the number of organizations outsourcing its employee life cycle processes including payroll process. This change in dynamics is challenging and at the same time is creating more opportunity for HR Solutions firms to showcase their creativity and innovation in all the services provided.

However, while looking to grab this opportunity, the solution providers face challenges in ensuring that the right talent is hired for the right job, followed by taking care of talent retention. SiE Brains, headquartered in Bangalore, understands the fact that people are motivated through different means of driving force and hence has designed its screening process to identify the motivation drivers for each of its candidates which in turn helps SiE Brains in matching the candidate and company needs. This approach ensures ‘right candidate for right job along with guaranteed talent retention’. Having its presence in multiple locations in India, SiE Brains has expertise in a wide range of HR functions and consulting in the emerging market. The company offers local expertise backed by global resources and a network of professionals. It provides this market with unique operation strategy and on-time service delivery. “Here at SiE Brains we believe that proper manpower can ensure an exponential business growth for any enterprise. By completely understanding our clients’ needs, we follow a professional approach to ensure that the right person is recruited for the right job,” says Sancho Thomas, Founder & CEO, SiE Brains. 

Unique proprietary recruitment model

The company’s specialized recruitment, RPO and talent Management solutions help enterprises find great people and then turn them into great performers, adding value and increasing productivity at every stage of the employment lifecycle. SiE Brains’ specialized methodology is a unique proprietary recruitment model embedding its specialized talent management expertise into a rigorous recruitment process. Instead of following standard recruiting processes, the company identifies core performance drivers beyond purely technical skills required to ‘do the work’. It can deliver the crucial difference between ‘filling a vacancy’ and truly evaluating candidates to pinpoint high performers for long-term benefit to an organization. 

This is why large and small enterprises across verticals rely on SiE Brains for a complete range of human capital needs - from attracting and selecting one-of-a-kind candidates, to integrating and managing redeployment and outplacement programs. 

“Every year we invest in research and development, creating powerful solutions and tools to help enterprises get the most from their talent. With experience in all corners of the globe, SiE Brains consultants objectively identify the workforce competencies needed for superior performance in the particular business,” adds Thomas. SiE Brains also pinpoints the high potential employees across an organization. The company’s talent management tools and services encompass a range of professional services from interview training, assessment and development to coaching, mentoring, and senior executive career transition. The company is specialized in recruitment service used to source candidate for senior, executive of other highly specialized positions in organizations. It indulges in R&D of the availability of suitable candidates working for competitor or related business and identifies possible recruits that match the client’s requirements. 

“Our clients approach us for support when they need to improve the accuracy and efficiency of hiring and promotion processes, to clearly understand their employees’ strengths and to improve management and leadership capability. We identify and/or validate high potentials or successors for key positions, develop structured career and development opportunities for employees, support managers and affected employees with smooth transition processes,” shares Thomas. 

SiE Brains’ “Hire to retire” solutions are adapted to the particular organization’s needs. The company ensures that they comply with industry benchmarks while making sure that talent hiring, retention, and performance management are best-in-class. Its key deliverables on “Hire to retire” (E2E HR) solutions include Recruitment and selection process (including psychometric testing to ensure candidate’s overall fitment to the organization and the job), Performance management of employee, Talent identification, management and development at all the levels of the organization. SiE Brains’ services also enable its clients to achieve their financial efficiency around cost per hire and time to hire. 

Making a difference 

Hiring the right staffing service can make a huge difference in reducing labor costs. Experienced staffing companies have the ability to scale a company’s workforce depending on the demand for labor and on the peak period of business. Hiring the right staffing firm can give enterprises more freedom to work on their core business. The best staffing companies can help employers minimize turnover which directly translates to more money going to the bottom line. SiE Brains is able to minimize turnover because of its well established relationships with its pool of applicants. The company has specialization in this segment, and Temporary Staffing is one of its core businesses. SiE Brains’ forte that differentiates it from other companies is its delivery on qualified shortlisted technical profile in an TAT of 20 Min from the time of requisition shared, whether its super niche, niche or vanilla skills. It maintains TAT and has ensured the quality of the profiles and speeds up the process without increasing the cost. It has seasoned recruiters who work with the client as a team to ensure timely delivery with accurate selections. SiE Brains plays the role of an HR Partner to its clients rather than acting as a traditional recruiting agency. The company offers centralized placement solutions irrespective of the vertical and works simultaneously across verticals with its extensive network for a hassle free recruitment for its client. 

SiE Brains provides comprehensive HR service to its clients by bringing the technical domain expertise as well as the ability to hire and retain best people. The company leverages its domain expertise and technical infrastructure to evaluate and train the people before bringing to its client. As the HR Solution is a growing market and here to stay with an average growth rate of 8 percent year on year, SiE Brains is buckled up to strengthen staffing solutions further to provide best-in-class service to its clients. 


Leadership hiring: 

SiE Brains had an interesting assignment to close on 6 CFO’s for a reputed international client across the globe. It was the firm that the international client had contacted as they were unable to close the position for almost 7-8 months. All the CFO candidates needed to have good global exposure and be multilingual. SiE Brains was given a month’s time to close these positions from the client. The company accomplished it by indulging in a lot of R&D of availability of suitable candidates working in similar field and its MI team leveraged a pipeline of identified resources. 

Expedited Temporary Staffing:

One of the largest IT Product Manufactures and distributor in the World needed immediate temporary workers to meet their staffing demands for shorter and long term projects. They had never previously used a temporary staffing company locally, but due to the urgency, they made a decision to partner with SiE Brains for their Staffing needs. They made this decision due to the high number of employees they needed to acquire and the lack of talent.

SiE Brains went to work immediately by first analyzing the requirements and the amount of staff needed to produce the results in a short time frame. It partnered with its clients corporate human resource department, working closely with them to make sure it was not only providing quality applicants, but also ones that would fit with their award winning culture. SiE Brains set up a one day job fair at a local hotel with 10 of our recruiters, the Management. The team proceeded to do over 250 interviews for the day, with the goal of each interview lasting no more 10-15 minutes, and with a grading scale of 1-4 for each applicant. Within a month of the start of the project, Human Resource Staffing was able to provide a total of 80 employees to the client during this very challenging time. It was not just the quantity of the temporary workers, but also the quality that SiE Brains was able to deliver. 

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